Friday, 2 March 2012

Please ! ! ! do not make me sad

hunp kenape semuer emma is so close: (please, do not make this kind of close emma ... emma da kid sanggop not look at this semuer korang mesti suker kan emma jd cmni ! tlonglah emma da xlarat . . . korang bhagier kat ats kesedehan emma :( emma da lme xappy cm dlu . . . kwan emma sndry pon dpt nmpak prubahan emma . . . thankz mirah sbb ko fhm aq :') aq syg ko . . . tp knape sme ni jd at emma ? ? ? emma xpnah mnx pon . . . orng yg emma syg da pegi tnggal kn emma . . . xkn kawan pon nk tnggal an emma jgak ? :'( n I jujor boyfwen emma! he has other skandle: (emma really upset with her ​​attitude she saw emma walaupon cool je sumpah emma da xtahn ngn sme ni ! knape dy wt at emma cmni :( emma xpnh bhagier :(
emma da dpt lpe kn ex emma dn trime dy . . . tp dy wt at emma cmni :( ats sbb alasan dy "bie was tired of having sex with slave away because it made ​​such bie" ee paler hotak ko ! emma kcewe dngn skap dy :( smpai aty dy wt at emma cmni :'( the dy snang2 ckp sorry je ! ohh emma son again one paragraph sorry to say it was lapok for emma go because he had 6 people close to him to say emma :) emma da bsan ngn sme nih . . . jngn kn da bsan da xlr nk tngok sme nih . . . korang msti ske kn emma jd cmni thankz sngt2 k syg korang ! emma da mlz nk bgadoh sbab tuh emma dyam je then snyum :) if he is still remembered and always emma cntect emma sumpah dngn sejujor dri aty emma ! emma mseh syg dy smpey skunk ! but unfortunately the person who had love emma gila2 tuh have nothing in life emma: '(miss emma emma near him ... there is no place to complain anymore:' (where she disappeared? though he had promised the ape-pound kite antare is not there anything he will still remember until when-when emma but eemma emma wants all memories of him still exist until now. . . mma look she had forgotten me emma rndu kn dy :( emma miss emma she really misses him: (hope he remembers his right emma and healthy :) 

sampai di sini je la emma luah kn :) lg bnyak emma tringt psal dy lg sdeyh emma :') 
capital h

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