Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Deceiver ! ! ! !

Crew WHY MY FEELINGS play ? smpey aty awk wt at sy cmni ! ari tuh awk bkn men merayu lg mnx kembali at awk siap call nmbor mak sy lg ! merayu-rayu ! awk kte awk da xde sape2 da gf da xde ! tp sy wt bodoe jgak sbb xnk lyn awk jgk wlowpon sy mseh syg kn awk ! then td awk mrayu ckp baek2 dkt sy soh time awk blek ! k fine sy time awk blek ! tp awk tpu sy ! penipu ! ! ! ! awk sbenarnyer ad gf len ! mse sy online fb . . ad sorang dak pompan im sy ckp knal awk ke x sy ckp knal then sy tnyer adkah dy gf awk ? dy kte ye ! oh w0w ! I hit is I . . . . lats2 aq pon ckp "sy pon gf dy gk ary tuh ptoz then kpel blek" bru je kjap sy time awk skli dpt brite nih ! pergh ! gf awk tuh pon trkejot . . . dy kte mybe kte kne tpu . . . sbb kte pnah bsame staon lbey . . . pompn tuh pon ckp da dkt staon gk bsame ngn awk . . ok I am not surprised it was time because from the outset was already my trick you. . . awk ye2 lh kte "I really miss you and I really love you. . ." ohh mengayat rpenyer . . . k bodoh -,- awk . . . sy syg sngt dkt awk tp mcm nih awk wt dkt sy k mekaseh sngt2 ! awk pon tw sy sket skunk nih mybe ps abes exam PMR . . . I will undergo surgery . . . mngkeng lh . . . sbb sy xnk edop da . . . sy bosan ngn khidupan sy yg pnoh dngn pnipuan awk tuh ! awk mmang da lke ean aty sy . . thankz ats pmberian hadiah nda :> kwan sy pon pnah ckp at awk an "jngn luke an prasaan dy time dy sket2 nih . . . klow dy kcewe pnoh ngn prasaan . . . pnyaket dy mken trok" awk ske tngok sy mati kn  . . . ye xpe sokey xlme lg sy mati lh ! xyh rsow ! n akher skli ap yg sy nk ckp at blog sy dn sp yg mmbace nih "I vowed never contact you again! and will not lift or cross-txt from you!"

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